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Vocational school Bergedorf

REMODELING Vocational school Bergedorf

G20 + H17 = GH37. What sounds like a mathematical formula describes the merging of two schools at one location. And there are many of these in Bergedorf. In addition to more than ten primary schools, five district schools and four grammar schools, the Hamburg district has now been streamlined by one in terms of location. The educational offer remains the same, but has been restructured in a compressed area and realised in several construction phases during ongoing operation.

Merging of two vocational schools H17 and G20 Winner of public procurement regulation
SBH | School construction Hamburg
1-9 HOAI
about 17.000 m² GFA
Billwerder Billdeich 620 in Hamburg
Martin Lukas Kim
Conversion during ongoing school operation

Converting 18,000 m² during ongoing operations is already bordering on a logistical masterstroke. Together with our specialist planners, we developed a master plan that we have been able to realise piece by piece over the past few years, while the school's daily routine raged around us.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. At least not at the GH37 vocational school. Both the completely gutted and fundamentally redesigned foyer and the surrounding learning worlds are glazed all around. Transparency is a top priority in this concept and thus enables (visual) references across the floors. Present everywhere? The colour blue. The window elements of the façade were replaced in the course of the energy refurbishment, but they were reinstalled in the identical colour in order to preserve the striking character of the building. And as a contrast: The cafeteria and common areas in red and yellow-orange.

Learning worlds and subject room clusters extend over three floors and are connected to each other by communication zones. This is where people learn and work together or simply relax. The acoustic ceilings and ventilation elements become a design element here. Different ceiling heights zone the room and separate movement and learning zones spatially and in terms of colour. Sofas, seating areas and poufs can be converted according to the situation, so that individual and group sessions are possible. If the classroom is too small for the group, the large window elements are opened and the conventional space is expanded.

Vocational school of Bergedorf
Site map
Ground floor
First floor

What looks so light, open and glassy today was previously quite dark and obstructed. In order to meet modern, educational requirements, the building had to be almost completely gutted on the inside so that sustainable and economical use is possible. And speaking of sustainable: in order to reduce the sun's reflection surface and thus protect the rooms from heat, the roofs are extensively greened. In addition, all window elements were replaced in an identical colour scheme and fitted with external sun protection.

Voices from the team

The complex layout of the school was a planning feat. During the construction phase, we repeatedly encountered surprises that meant we had to reschedule. But the staying power was worth it.


How do I deal with it as a architectural office when a colour like the blue of the façade sets the tone so dominantly? Either I put a new garment on the building and realise myself or I work with the existing and tease out the identity of the building.