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Bye Bye Stereotypen

Adrenalin auf Rädern

The thought of a child in a wheelchair going down a steep ramp and then being catapulted backwards into the air makes you shudder? It doesn't have to.

What sounds like the opening to a thriller or drama is the latest craze among children, young people and even adults in wheelchairs. The days when people with disabilities could only play mental sports like chess are long gone. Today, action sports like skating, hockey or rugby are on the agenda. And with success. David Lebuser, one of the most successful wheelchair skaters in the country, founded SIT'N'SKATE together with his wife Lisa Lebuser. In workshops, driving lessons, wheelchair films and the like, the dusty, grey aid is turned into a cool and stylish piece of sports equipment. The goal? To encourage people in wheelchairs to get more out of their mobility. Even for our work in the architecture office, dealing with physical or mental disabilities of any kind has long ceased to be a special case. In particular, the planning of sports and exercise facilities presents us with new challenges time and again, which we are happy to face on the way to inclusive coexistence.

That is why this year we are once again supporting a project close to our hearts with the money that would otherwise have been intended for Christmas presents among business partners and friends like you, and are supporting the SIT'N'SKATE team in the purchase of new protective equipment as well as covering the rolling costs.