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abj Architekt:innen

With a balanced mix of passion and reason, we have been developing site-specific and meaningful architecture since 1989. Our committed, multicultural, interdisciplinary and experienced team works on supra-regional projects of the most diverse sizes, both in existing buildings and in new construction from performance phase 1-9. What unites them is the focus on education, housing and special buildings.

  • For us, the focus is on people. Our open, transparent and honest atmosphere means that we are not afraid to show weakness at times in order to emerge stronger together.

  • For us applies "sharing is caring" instead of "knowledge is power". This makes working in a team more fun and the quality of our projects noticeably better. We are constantly expanding our swarm intelligence and sharing the acquired knowledge with each other, in the sense of the community and the architecture.

  • We are architects by conviction. We don't do investor architecture or purely profit-oriented functional buildings. We build for the community and develop the best possible solution from the user's, client's and architect's point of view.

  • Self-promotion is not really our thing, but self-realisation is. And we see self-realisation when users make our architecture their own. That's why we research, question and listen when it comes to developing architecture for people that they like to use.

  • Not everything always goes according to plan, in other words: mistakes can happen. We make this a continuous, agile process. Our architecture and our team culture benefit from the fact that we discuss not only successes but also pitfalls.


Learning as a lifelong process

In addition to designing and building, it is important to research and develop in order to deepen one's own knowledge and grow from it. According to the motto "You don't have to know everything. You just have to know who to ask." we attach great importance to training specialists within our team and learning from each other.


With our fire protection, acoustics or BIM labs (and many more), we ensure both the continuous development of our projects and the personal growth of our team. We exchange knowledge with each other in different formats on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

  • Sustainability
  • Inclusion
  • Inspiration
  • Digitalisation
  • Fire protection
  • Façade
  • Roof
  • Interior Design
  • Knowledge management
  • Excursions
  • BIM
  • Acoustic

Office scenes

You won't find classic nine-to-five, off-the-peg architecture or rigid thought patterns with us. Rather, we strive for creativity, constant development and the opportunity to live out one's individuality freely. Our offices create the right atmosphere for this.

Social Engagement

We like good deeds instead of gifts.

Since 1999, our business partners have been left empty-handed at Christmas time - and for good reason. Our commitment extends far beyond our projects. Instead of investing in gift baskets, we support regional campaigns and initiatives whose continuity and success are close to our hearts.

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