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Blick auf einen Stadtteil Ostdorfer Born, der von Betonbauten der 60er geprägt ist.

Affordable better living

Rehabilitation and modernisation of Bornheide 80/82

The Bornheide high-rise ensemble is part of the Osdorfer Born, one of the first large prefabricated housing estates in Hamburg. Due to an acute housing shortage, other large housing estates such as Steilshoop and Mümmelmannsberg were built between 1967 and 1972 in addition to the Osdorfer Born. Due to its exposed location, the high-rise residential building has a character-forming role and today, with its new design, it sets a colourful accent against common labelling of large housing estates.

The redevelopment measures were triggered by an inspection of the façade at the end of November 2017. Insulation boards made of pressed wood chips were discovered behind the non-combustible façade. At that time, the devastating major fire catastrophe in London had only happened a few months ago and had also increased awareness of fire protection in Germany. The combustible insulation material was removed immediately and the building envelope was renovated and insulated according to the latest fire protection and energy guidelines.

On the Day of Architecture in summer 22, together with the altoba housing association, we were able to demonstrate how economic, social and energy sustainability can be achieved through the renovation and modernisation of existing buildings.

Bornheide high-rise residential building before refurbishment
Insulation boards made of pressed wood chips
Insulation boards made of pressed wood chips