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»My district, my home, my future«.

Our programme for PROJEKTOR - The Day of Architecture for Young People

We are participating in the programme for young people for the first time this year!

The Day of Architecture is the summer event for all architects, architecture and design enthusiasts. With the PROJEKTOR format, a programme specifically for young people was introduced for the first time in 2022 to explore their perspective on architecture and the urban space of the future. A total of 12 offices are taking part in this initiative with us and an exciting programme has emerged.

On an exploratory tour with the young futurologists: We want to go on a journey of discovery with young people and find out together what makes a district liveable and forward-looking. We want to analyse the Mitte Altona district from the perspective of the kids and capture their ideas and visions for the architecture of tomorrow.

With questions like »Would you feel comfortable here? What do you like and what could be improved?«, we will embark on an exciting exploration of the district. We will take photos, make drawings and sketches and collect everything that inspires the young participants. Because it is often the seemingly worthless things that hold the potential for the architecture of the future.

Growth spaces for people

The collected material serves as the basis for collages that depict visions of the future of a city district according to the children's ideas. Different techniques are used, be it traditional work with paper and scissors, the use of Photoshop or even video editing programmes.

Why is it so important for us to include the opinions and ideas of the younger generation in architecture? The answer is simple: today's children are tomorrow's futurologists. By giving them a voice and actively involving them in the design process, we can ensure that their needs and ideas are incorporated into urban planning. The perspective of the pupils as a user group is also particularly important to us for school construction. After all, it is their world that we shape with our designs.

  • Age group: 6-16 years
  • Registration recommended ( or via
  • Number of participants: up to 30
  • Sequence of events: Reception in the office I Introduction: Kids can expect an introduction to our idea of architecture using examples from our school buildings I Discovery tour through Mitte Altona I Creating visions
  • Language: Our team on this day speaks German, English, Farsi and Italian
  • Date: Sunday, 25.06.2023, 12 to 3 p.m.
  • Location: Harkortstraße 79, 22765 Hamburg
  • Note: weatherproof clothing for the walk. If you would like to take photographs, please bring a digital camera.
Excerpt of current school buildings by abj Architekt:innen Programme Architecture Day Hamburg