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Making books palatable

Readings with authors of books for children and young people

Every year, our business partners are deprived of the Christmas presents they have been eagerly awaiting. And we hope and know that we are in agreement with our business partners. In any case, no one has complained in previous years - quite the opposite!

This time, in the face of such ugly buzzwords as the education crisis or Pisa, we have thought about how we could not only lure young people in socially weaker areas away from the television, but also win them over to reading books. By making them palatable to them! That's why we organised readings with renowned children's and youth book authors in the flesh on cosy Advent afternoons with cake and chocolate and with the active support of the Altona Carlsen publishing house and the Bauverein der Elbgemeinden. So that the young participants could find out how the exciting stories continued and ended, everyone received the respective book as a very personal gift to take with them on their way. Hand-signed by the authors, of course! For some, perhaps the foundation for their own small library.