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cooking with kids

Cooking lessons for Kids of primary school Thadenstra├če in St. Pauli

Nothing again every year. At least from us to our business partners. This time we took the money we would otherwise have spent on Christmas presents and went to the Thadenstra├če primary school in St. Pauli. According to an old Latin saying, children should not learn for school, but for life. That's why we decided to introduce children from the neighbourhood to the world of healthy food. To make healthy eating fun, we hired a chef and invited two dozen little guests to a cooking class in the newly opened event space Nil No. 6 at the neighbouring Neuer Pferdemarkt. We would like to express our special thanks to our business partners, the people in charge at Nil and everyone else who generously and generously contributed to the success of this event.

The little ones cooked enthusiastically like the grown-ups and were of course allowed to finish their salad, pasta and chocolate mousse. Perhaps one or the other of them will even discover cooking as a special vocation. Then perhaps it will become a profession. That would be a nice present!