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International Cookinggroup

Initiative »Nest at Astweg«

The »Nest im Astweg« initiative offers pupils in the Eidelstedt housing estate security and a warm meal, which the children prepare themselves under active guidance. The day before, they plan, then cut and cook until soup or salad, main course and dessert are on the big table. It is quite noisy, but above all cheerful.

For many years, a dedicated team of educators and cooks has been taking care of this offer and we support this work wholeheartedly. In this case, they make sure that the fridge is always full and the dining table is always well set for the next year.

Always at Christmas, we like to keep the gifts for business partners scarce, and the money we would have spent on intended gifts is put to good use elsewhere.

We recommend a visit to the nest at lunchtime. The little hosts are quite self-confident in their realm. But they invite us charmingly into their circle.