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Balance for life

An own bicycle repair shop for pupils

Who hasn't experienced it: not riding a bike for ages and suddenly there's a vehicle like this against the wall of the house. No problem, just get on and ride off. You've learned, you've learned!

But when you grow up in socially difficult circumstances as a child, it's not so easy to find your balance. Especially not on a bicycle. Money at home is scarce, and often there is none left for that. How good it is when the school can help and provide bicycles on which the little pupils can practise keeping their balance in the free afternoon hours. But such a fleet of vehicles also needs to be maintained.

We architects often work in socially deprived areas. This year we are supporting a primary school on the eastern outskirts of the city in setting up and running its own small bicycle workshop so that the two-wheelers can be kept in good working order under expert supervision. Those who look after their bikes themselves are more likely to take care of them.

As always, we support this project with the money that is actually intended for Christmas presents among business people.