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The vegetable academy

Growing knowledge

»Get out into the fresh air more often« is probably one of those resolutions that each of us has often preached to our inner self. Rarely has this been easier than this year. And why shouldn't that also apply to schools and daycare centres? In our digitalised world, the little ones have fewer and fewer points of contact with nature. 30 percent of food is simply thrown away. Diabetes and obesity among children are on the rise. Only a few of them know where their food actually comes from. After all, milk comes from a Tetrapak or a purple cow. Or do they?

Problem recognised, danger averted? This is the challenge that the GemüseAckerdemie (Vegetable Field Democracy) is taking up by moving its places of learning outdoors and literally getting out of the field with the children. The non-profit association has set itself the goal of strengthening the awareness and appreciation of food in the growing society. So the children sow, plant and harvest their colourful vegetables themselves. Several vegetable classes, ackerkitas and schools, including some that we have implemented, have already been launched. And there are more and more. As a year-round theory- and practice-based educational programme, vegetable cultivation is individually integrated into the curriculum of schools and day-care centres. Whether in the classroom or in the schoolyard: teachers are supported in setting up the field, provided with materials and tips and tricks on planting and sowing.

As an architectural firm with a focus on education, we are very happy to support this project, for a future generation that knows what it is(s) doing. With the money that would otherwise have been earmarked for Christmas presents among business partners and friends, we are making it possible to establish a field for one of Hamburg's Spring Starters 2021.