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Sharing knowledge

Visit to the construction site of Germany's tallest wooden skyscraper

»Sharing knowledge and experience is crucial in the architecture industry to achieve better results and plan a more sustainable world.« reports Thorsten (associated partner abj), who visited the construction site of Germany's tallest wooden building with Malte (project manager abj).

The aesthetics and sustainability of the »Roots« project are particularly impressive. The 80 meter high building with 19 floors is a pioneer due to its size, which should show that timber construction is economical.

Ecological sustainability is a key aspect of timber construction. Wood is a renewable raw material that stores CO2 and requires less energy during production. By using wood as the main building material, the "Roots" project was able to achieve a better ecological balance and reduce the ecological footprint.

The high energy efficiency of »Roots« is another advantage. Thanks to the natural insulating properties of wood, the building requires less energy for heating and cooling, which reduces costs and consumption.

What was particularly remarkable, however, was the common spirit of sharing knowledge on the construction site. Carpenters, engineers, architects, but also representatives from politics and law work together on such projects to push the boundaries of timber construction and master challenges. The exchange of experiences and solutions was exciting and enriching.

Where it is possible and sensible, we advise builders on sustainable options and recommend, for example, alternative building materials that are both ecologically compatible and durable in order to make a sustainable contribution to the construction cycle. Only by acting together can we push the boundaries of what is possible and shape a more sustainable world.

We would like to thank RUBNER for this exciting opportunity. »We look forward to another exchange« they wrote to us afterwards.

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