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Campus Steilshoop

NEW BUILDING Campus Steilshoop

Architecturally, Steilshoop stands for living in the flair of the seventies. Or as others would say: Prefabricated housing in a v-shaped arrangement. What sounds hermetically sealed off is to be brought to new life by the young residents, the many green spaces and the growing, cultural offerings. The new Campus Steilshoop combines the history of the neighbourhood in the form of a district school in long form on 12,800 square metres of space and comes across as cosmopolitan, colourful and participatory.

New building for Campus Steilshoop district school and neighboorhood centre
SBH | Schulbau Hamburg
Otto Wulff
about 15.190 m² GFA
Gropiusring in Hamburg
Jakob Börner

The revitalisation of Steilshoop is in full swing. The campus is an important building block for linking the district school and the neighbourhood centre and making the offer palatable to all.

The ensemble of two buildings nestles around a campus axis that has been widened like a square, creating both an opening to the district and a visual axis to Lake Bramfeld. The soft cubature of the two- to four-storey buildings is wrapped in surrounding bands of coloured ceramic. Generous glazing provides maximum transparency and views in and out to connect the functions within the buildings with the outside world. For this motif is also reflected in the use: Campus Steilshoop not only unites primary and district school under one roof, but also ventures a meaningful new beginning with the integration of the neighbourhood centre in the second building complex.

In addition to the primary and district school »Schule am See« (School by the Lake), the library, the adult education centre, the Steilshoop Parents' School and the Haus der Jugend (House of Youth) will also be located here, where previously the so-called »concrete block« from the 1960s increasingly became the core of the problem district. Years of preparatory work in the form of campus workshops and planning rounds finally led to the presentable final result: the campus as a key project of urban renewal provides the necessary impetus for the district's development. Not only the buildings themselves, but especially the promenade to the lake contribute to the revitalisation of the public square and to new identification with life in Steilshoop. And it is not least the architectural transparency that ensures this. The windows are the connecting element and make what happens inside visible and tangible on the outside.

Campus Steilshoop
Site map
Ground floor

Stimmen aus dem Team

Through the rounded corners, the striking buildings snake across the campus like a snake.


Steilshoop is one of these districts with great potential. Accordingly, high expectations were placed on the new construction of the campus, which have been fulfilled so far.