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New school, new opportunities

Festive inauguration of the new »Grundschule am Moor«

After several years of planning and two years of construction, the new primary school in the municipality of Neu Wulmstorf opened its doors at the end of August. At the inauguration ceremony, not only teachers and pupils flocked to the new rooms, but also numerous local residents.

The primary school focuses on innovative educational approaches and was designed by us according to the mini-school concept. This means that there is space for five small units under one roof, each for grades 1 - 4. Each mini-school has flexible communal areas, classrooms and even green classrooms with a small school garden.

»Multifunctional building sounds a bit technical, so we prefer to call it rooms of possibilities,« explained Mayor Tobias Handtke at the start of the inauguration ceremony.

During our first inspection of the primary school in 2020, we realised that the frog played a special role in the school and should definitely be included in the planning of the new building.

Such inspections and the intensive dialogue with the users enable us to capture the identity of a school and integrate this into the planning of the new building. This allows us to recognise the needs and special features of the location at an early stage, which ultimately leads to a balanced and identity-creating result.

Construction work began in July 2021 and was completed on time and within budget two years later. The pupils, who bravely endured interim solutions, construction site noise and relocations during this time, can now finally learn in their new premises.

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