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Inclusion is a human right

We tried out for ourselves the obstacles that people in wheelchairs, for example, encounter.

The fact that it is still a long way to an inclusive society means that each individual is responsible for doing his/her part. At the last team event, we experienced for ourselves the obstacles that people in wheelchairs face, for example.

With StattTour - a project of a group of committed young people from Hamburg and great tour guides - we were able to take on the perspective of a person in a wheelchair in a kind of experiment and explore the city of Hamburg in a wheelchair. Cobblestones, kerbs, entrance steps and slopes became unexpected obstacles. And they are felt to be everywhere.

StattTour is not only about pointing out barriers in the city. It is also about raising awareness for unconscious discrimination - for example through pity. Because pity does not help. It's the accessibility measures that make a difference.

We thank StattTour for the great experience and the sore muscles.
And afterwards there was refreshment at JILL's Pizza in the Schanze