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Interview with Maximilian Bülk

On the change in the school landscape and the resulting growing importance of the »architecture - pedagogy« interface

In an interview with SCHULBAU Magazin, Managing Director Maximilian Bülk provides insight into the changing demands on school building architecture, using the example of a challenging renovation of an existing building. It is about transparent learning worlds, participation processes, the »phase zero« and sustainable and climate-friendly measures.

The shift from frontal teaching to different pedagogical forms of learning has a major impact on the architecture of school buildings. Quite apart from the spatial and functional requirements of modern learning environments, we have only really done our job well when pupils and teachers accept their new or renovated building and enjoy going to school. And last but not least, a school building can function wonderfully at location A and be completely out of place at location B. That is why we attach great importance to clarifying the specific needs in advance so that we can offer exactly the right facilities for the respective location.

Maximilian Bülk
Interview as PDF-Download in German (2,3 MB). more infos to this project
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