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Long live sports

The integrative power of the concept »The Hall« by NESTWERK e.V.

What do Rahlstedt, Billstedt, Kirchdorf-Süd, Harburg and Barmbek have in common? They all have a hall, and not just any hall. Under the motto »from the street to the hall«, people have been able to kick, smash or dribble in selected sports halls at existing Hamburg schools since 1999.

Far away from smartphones, gaming and the like, the kids not only spend more time offline, but also learn for life through play. In addition to fair play, acceptance of rules and team spirit, social cohesion is strengthened and inclusion is not just talked about, but truly lived. The offer is aimed in particular at children and young people from disadvantaged families and refugees from residential accommodation. They can take advantage of the open sports offer at fixed opening times and enjoy a constant anchor in their everyday lives.

And the offer is as social as it is sustainable. Existing resources in Hamburg's school sports halls are used outside of school hours and the children receive educational support at the same time. Employees become caregivers for the kids, and supposed rivals on the street become friends. The integrative power of the concept developed by NESTWERK e.V. and the positive influence on the children's development are what make the project so successful.

This year, we are once again using the money that would otherwise have been intended for Christmas presents among business partners like you to support a project that we have selected together with our entire team. Our donation will be used in particular to make the project more visible overall and to give children from Ukraine access to the program.