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Respect starts with words

Together against discrimination in the construction industry

We have 40 colleagues (m/f/d) with different nationalities, skin colours and native languages. This diversity is a valuable part of our joint work, our multifaceted projects and our togetherness. With this in mind, we would like to address an important issue that we still encounter in our day-to-day work, e.g. on our construction sites: Xenophobia and discrimination. Unfortunately, we experience time and again how, among other things, tradesmen working on site are confronted with prejudices and derogatory comments that are often disguised as supposed jokes.

How can it be that we are not more aware of our words in this day and age? That we don't see different cultural backgrounds as enriching?

Let us no longer take this behaviour for granted without comment. Because only through joint efforts can we bring about positive change and contribute to modern, respectful communication in the construction industry.