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Excellent design

Winner of the Brillux Design Award 2023

We are delighted to have received this special award last week for the residential tower block we renovated in Bornheide in Hamburg. The project came out on top in the residential building category out of a total of 200 submissions.

The formerly monotonous appearance of the high-rise residential building was given colour accents during the refurbishment in order to reflect the colourful and lively district on the façade that characterises the cityscape.

The shiny balcony elements on the south side and the corresponding wall colours of the arcades on the north side of the façade make the building an eye-catcher rich in contrast and visually enhance the building complex.

Together with the client altoba - Altonaer Spar- und Bauverein and GEBOtherm, responsible for the façade refurbishment, we accepted the award in Münster.

Following the 1st prize for outstanding refurbishments in the metal category in 2021, this is already the second award for the building that characterises the cityscape.

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