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Out of the box

District excursion and model building with creative kids on »Tag der Architektur«

On June 29, the time had come - together with our architects, a total of nine kids aged 5 to 12 went on an exploration tour through our Altona-Nord district. We discovered old and new buildings, extensions and conversions, things that connect, things that are hidden, things that have grown and things that have been designed. With many impressions and ideas already noted down and sketched along the way, we returned to our office, where plenty of materials were ready for the participants to (re)build their own models. In teams or individually, the kids gave free rein to their imagination and creativity as they transformed the boxes they had brought with them into unique spaces with the help of our architects. While some built upwards or developed very specific (interior) spaces, others focused on special effects using materials and light or designed completely »out of the box«. We were absolutely impressed by so much creativity and are already looking forward to being part of the next PROJEKTOR.

A big THANK YOU to phase2 Modellbau, A & B Studio and Ligalux for the great material donations and loans and of course to the team of Tag der Architektur at the Hamburg Chamber of Architects for the organization and coordination.

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