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without papers

Medical care for illegalised people

The Christmas Gospel not only proclaims the good news of Christ's birth, but also tells of hardship and distress. Joseph and the heavily pregnant Mary are forced on an arduous trek at the behest of the emperor in faraway Rome in order to be registered for taxes, and in the hour of their birth they find no room in the inn, but must seek shelter in a stable with the cattle. People in similar situations also live among us today, unrecognised, illegalised. If they cannot show papers at a police check, they are usually deported. If they need medical help, they are uninsured and often destitute.

The Ā»General Practitioners' Consultation for People without PapersĀ« here in Hamburg helps these very people anonymously and free of charge, without asking about their faith, origin or skin colour.

This Christmas, too, business partners will not receive any gifts from us, so that the money intended for this purpose can be used in other meaningful ways and provide financial support for medical care for people without papers.