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Support for House of Projects

A tractor for sailing boats

Things are moving forward: on the Elbe island of Veddel in Hamburg, with its heterogeneous population structure, things are happening in terms of urban development. Young people growing up here should also benefit from this in their educational and professional development. In order to establish contact with them, build trust and arouse interest in their own advancement, experienced people get involved on the spot. Like the staff at the new House of Projects at Müggenburger Zollhafen, which we would like to support on its opening.

At Christmas, we always like to keep gifts for business partners to a minimum, and the money we would have spent on intended gifts is put to good use elsewhere. This time we have donated a used tractor, which will be rebuilt by pupils and adolescents as part of a car mechanics unit in the subject of work experience, so that it will then be of good service when the sailboats are brought in to be overhauled in our own workshop. That is practical. But perhaps such a project can also do more and show some of the participants a perspective for a first step into professional life.

About House of projects: With the »House of Projects – die mügge,« the Müggenburg port of entry is being made the site of an exemplary facility for professional qualification: young people who do not find employment in the first job market are trained at a boat-building workshop. In addition, various leisure activities are being planned for young people and young adults.

One of the challenges facing today's metropolitan areas is to create future-oriented educational opportunities for everyone living here. Transforming an entire region in the city into a »learning landscape« - that is the goal of the Elbe Islands education campaign. Hier geht es zur zweiten Spende