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What a circus

During the renovation work on the high-rise residential building in Osdorfer Born, we discovered a circus tent.

Who knows it: Always being the last to be selected for the team on the football pitch, hanging like a wet sack on the parallel bars, always hitting the wrong note in the school choir? Ostracised again! Childhood can be cruel. Sometimes it's enough to make you cry.

We are entrusted with the renovation of a large housing estate from the seventies in Osdorfer Born. In the middle of all the high-rise buildings in this socially disadvantaged district, we discovered a circus tent flanked by colourful circus wagons. And in the tent a man in a tailcoat and top hat. The director had set himself a goal one day - to offer a stage to children without exception. Chapeau! His acrobats train children from the surrounding districts to become little artists, so that after a year they can make their grand entrance on the unicycle or trapeze in front of their enthusiastic parents, friends and relatives. Standing proudly in the limelight and being celebrated - isn't that what we all want?

We invited the young and old residents of the Bornheide housing estate to a gala performance in the tent of the circus theatre for children. The dust of the ring is always more attractive than that of the renovation. And this year we used the money that would otherwise have been used for Christmas presents among business partners and friends to support this educational circus institution, which has been doing valuable and exemplary work for children and young people for twenty years now, and we hope that this time we are also acting from the heart of our business partners.

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