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Beekeeping course for kids

Do you have a payback card?

Who still knows them - the stamens and fruit pistils?

Then there was something about the bees. That's why bio always seemed to come right after maths. I guess it didn't really matter. Yet knowledge of these connections is of great importance. The bees are, too. What you don't know, you don't respect. Bees, however, are among the most important and most worthy of protection farm animals worldwide. Without their pollination of flowers, large areas of land would soon be deserts.

Hence the question of the payback card. Nature does not get bonus points for the use of pesticides, the creation of monocultures, the death of insects and consumerism. It pays home in its own coin and simply goes quietly away.

That is why it is important to have educators who can convey nature to young pupils in a way that is true to life. At the Kirchdorf Süd district school with pupils from over fifty nations, we came across such a committed teacher. Without further ado, he completed a beekeeping course, acquired beehives and inspired a group of pupils for his cause, with whom we visited an experienced beekeeper in the Harburg mountains.

When bees come into contact with plant poisons, they lose their orientation and can no longer find their way home. That is why we should all keep a clear course. As architects with a strong commitment to school construction, we are therefore happy to support this initiative this year with the money that would otherwise have been earmarked for Christmas presents among business partners and friends.