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Kaifu Solebad


The Kaiser-Friedrich-Ufer along the Isebekkanal between Eimsbüttel and Schanze is one of Hamburg's most popular green spaces. Families, dogs and their owners, joggers and daydreamers come here to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Kaifu Lodge with the swimming pool of the same name form the end of the canal and at the same time one of the city's most beautiful monuments.

Refurbishment and conversion of a brine spa
Bäderland Hamburg
6-8 HOAI
4.100 m² GFA
Hohe Weide 15 in Hamburg
Bernadette Grimmenstein
MRLV Architekten

With a salinity of six percent, the water in the pools of the brine bath is twice as salty as the North Sea. This requires a completely different approach to the building structure and the materials used.

In the construction of the parabolic roof on the historic small hall of the Kaifu baths, screws and metal parts were deliberately avoided. Instead, prefabricated wooden trusses and purlins were used, which are not affected by the salt-water mixture of the swimming and water pools. Underneath the construction is a suspended acoustic ceiling.

Kaifu Solebad
Site map
Floor plan

At least, that's how the experience should feel, according to Kaifu bath operator and builder Bäderland. Salt water baths have been proven to be a good remedy for numerous illnesses such as skin irritations, allergies or sleeping disorders. The higher the salt content of the water, the more relaxing the effect. And this relaxing effect is also reflected in the architecture. The almost 700 square metre area now features a 17x11 metre swimming pool with a depth of 135 centimetres. The 4x3 metre whirlpool is available for additional relaxation.

Guests experience an architectural journey through time as soon as they arrive at the Sole-Bad. Historically clinkered on the outside and comfortably vaulted on the inside, the functional areas of the showers and changing rooms are modern but designed with attention to historically connecting detail. The wood and earth-coloured surfaces and double-row tiled bands in the showers, for example, pick up on the colour of the brick, which can also be seen and experienced from the inside in the relaxation and rest area.

Voices of the team

This construction site was also a special challenge for us. A lot of salt, a monument and the demand to design the traditional building according to modern standards without losing the historical reference.


Seeing the parabolic components for the roof fly onto the construction site was one of the most special moments of the construction period.