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Housing estate Schenefelder Holt

MODERNISATION Housing estate Schenefelder Holt

A housing estate built in 1966 that would still be up to date in terms of energy today without refurbishment would certainly be a rarity. This is also true of the Schenefelder Holt housing estate, which consists of 680 flats in different building typologies and some commercial properties and was in great need of refurbishment. To meet current thermal insulation requirements, thermal insulation of the façade and roof, new glazing and controlled ventilation were necessary. And since it was foreseeable that the intervention would take place in several construction phases and spread over several years, a design concept was developed to uniformly upgrade the appearance of the settlement as a whole and establish it as an attractive residential location in the long term.

Facade concept and modernisation Schenefelder Holt
BVE Bauverein der Elbgemeinden eG
1-9 HOAI
Schenefelder Holt in Hamburg
Schenefelder Holt 2 + 90
1st place of the German Façade Award in the category Energy-efficient Façade Insulation

The comprehensive redevelopment of Schenefelder Holt has transformed the once faceless facades into a settlement full of character.

Both through the urban arrangement and the use of the same façade materials and recurring details, it is clearly recognisable that the settlement was already developed and planned as a whole at that time. Nevertheless, the different building types also have their own individual basic structures and design approaches, which also find their way into the new colour and material concept in order to maintain the heterogeneity and differentiation of the building types. The existing qualities, such as the special shape of the balconies, are emphasised and underlined with colour accents.

Housing estate Schenefelder Holt
Site map
Ground floor
First floor
Elevation west

The colour palette of the façade concept, inspired by Impressionism, relies on warm primary colours from red to yellow to maintain the existing impression of the bricks of yellow and red. A warm grey in the plinth zones complements the palette, allowing for variety and yet preventing a colourfulness that appears arbitrary. Cool shades such as blue and green only appear as accent colours in the settlement.

The colour concept was also applied to the residential building Schenefelder Holt 2 + 90. The 8-storey structure with its stair tower is structured by arcades on the north façade. The south façade is characterised by projecting balconies that lend it a graphic-geometric appearance. The formerly monotonous and purely additively designed front with laterally closed wall panes was brought into a new age in terms of energy and design with the help of the new design concept. The upper storeys in brick red sit like a perpetual dawn on the plinth area, which is enriched with silicon mica and thus sparkles.

Voices from the team

Time and again, we also draw our inspiration from art: in this case, the 90/2 colour scheme is based on one of Mark Rothko's most famous paintings.