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»Make friends, not Art«

Team excursion to documenta 15

»Our curatorial approach aims at a different kind of community-based model of resource use - economically, but also in terms of ideas, knowledge, programmes and innovations.« ruangrupa

We went to documenta fifteen with the whole team - despite, or perhaps because of, all the headlines, many in the team wanted to get their own impression of this year's art exhibition. Many of the topics discussed are also central to those working in architecture, and so we were able to gather inspiration for our work from the many socially engaged projects. The team outing to documenta is a firm tradition at ABJ. architects.

Pictured: Chayachhobi (2022) by Britto Arts Trust, a non-profit artist collective founded in 2002 and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A team of artists spent a year searching through old Bengali films for scenes on the themes of food, hunger and war.

Richard Bell