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Fire Station Zeven

NEW BUILDING Fire Station Zeven

Red Alert

With just under 23,500 inhabitants, the joint municipality of Zeven in the heart of the Elbe-Weser triangle is one of the smaller towns in Lower Saxony. A good 100 of them can now look forward to their new home: the new fire station for the Zeven local fire brigade and the joint municipality fire brigade as a merger of the two existing fire brigades. In total, up to 10 vehicles, 80 firefighters, 20 firefighters' wives as well as the children's and youth fire brigade will find their place here, which in 2022 was used for 218 operations.

New building of a fire station in Zeven
municipality of Zeven
Aug. Prien
1-5 + 8 HOAI
2.565 m² GFA
Südring 23 in Zeven
Julia Knop

A good slide?

A slide bar is installed at fire stations to quickly get from the upper floor to the ground floor in case of an alarm. This is optional in Zeven and can be retrofitted for training purposes. Instead, the alarm-red main staircase and the lift connect both levels as if via a red carpet, which ends in the foyer of the ground floor. This opens up as a generous distributor to all areas and is the central meeting point within the building in everyday life. All relevant and public rooms can be accessed horizontally and vertically via the foyer. The connected vehicle hall is the heart of the building and provides a roof over the heads of hose trucks, rescue vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles and the like.

Form follows fire station

Form follows fire station

With specific planning tasks such as those for a hospital, a prison or even a fire station, functionality and effective design are particularly in focus. In addition to the requirements for entrance gates, functional areas and safety precautions, urban visibility also plays an overriding role. The new building of the Zeven fire station looks red in the figurative sense: The two-storey structure stands out with its clear cubature and the striking, identity-creating external and distant effect. The distinctive, alarm-red accents ensure a high recognition value and form the basis of the orientation concept.

White plaster would be out of place

Instead, a dark grey clinker brick was chosen as the main material for the façade. With its robust and impact-resistant properties, it is optimal for the building's façade cladding. The radio room, which is cantilevered as a monitoring centre on the upper floor, is accentuated with a special structuring that stands out from the rest of the association. The red areas consist of a curtain wall made of dimensionally stable and weather-resistant high-pressure laminated panels. Inside, the central staircase and the lift in particular are set off in colour and the alarm routes are marked by a red colouring of the door frames.

Rescue, extinguish, recover, protect: These are the tasks that the fire brigade is confronted with every day. It was therefore all the more important to create a building that would enable the standardised and fast processes to be implemented professionally and smoothly.

In order to explain the tasks of a fire brigade to children in a playful way and to secure the next generation of fire fighters, the upper floor of the new building will include recreation and training areas for the children's and youth fire brigades. The children are supervised by a professional team on a weekly and bi-weekly basis and integrated into the operational activities. Administration, radio room, training and technical areas complete the completely self-sufficient upper floor, which allows direct views into the vehicle hall via interior windows. In addition, there are further training and leisure areas, also outside, which can be quickly accessed via a second staircase.

Fire station Zeven
Site map
Ground floor
First floor

Stimmen aus dem Team

The planning of a fire station makes it clear that careful design goes far beyond the aesthetic dimension. In particular, the need for strict 'black and white separation' so that invisible hazardous materials from emergency scenes cannot find their way into one's own four walls.


It is as obvious as it is good: the alarm red of the façade carries over from the staircase to the door frame as an orientation concept into the interior of the fire station.


The alarm-red staircase is omnipresent in this fire station building: almost sculpturally, it connects the levels, making it a striking highlight of the entire building, not only functionally but also aesthetically.