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District school Bramfeld

REFURBISHMENT District school Bramfeld

Bramfeld's construction time quartet

Bramfeld, the green and pastel district to the north-east of Hamburg's city center, almost forms its own city within the city with its independent infrastructure and over 50,000 residents. More than a century after the original construction of the Bramfeld district school and several conversions, it was time for a comprehensive refurbishment including the addition of a break hall. The ageing building complex is undergoing a transformation that honors its historical significance and at the same time paves the way for modern educational concepts. An extensive inspection and assessment of the existing condition formed the basis of the project.

Modernization, conversion and expansion
SBH | Schulbau Hamburg
1-8 HOAI
9.000 m² GFA
Bramfelder Dorfplatz in Hamburg
Dorfmüller Klier
1st place award procedure

The construction phase turned out to be a multi-layered detective job in which we had to constantly adapt to the surprises of the multifaceted building complex.

Conversion, extension and a lot of sensitivity

The conversion includes the transformation of the break hall into a canteen with a vitality kitchen that focuses on healthy eating and social interaction, as well as the addition of a new break hall that serves as a social center. The main premise? To preserve the existing structure as far as possible and to renovate it carefully. Intact components were preserved and wooden partition walls, furniture etc. were redesigned in new colors. The external appearance with existing brick façades and concrete pilasters was also retained and forms the basis of the overall material and color concept across all buildings.

Which colors fit the fifties?

The color and material canon for the conversion and extension was therefore to be adapted to the existing buildings from the 50s and 60s, but also be concise enough for an identity-creating and orientation-forming guidance system. The new building quotes the palette of existing clinker bricks of the individual buildings and thus becomes a genuine connecting structure. The same applies to the use of white, vertical elements between the windows, which both honor the identity of the existing building and create new signposts. And inside, inspired by the existing walkways decorated by the children, a gallery has been created in which the children's artworks can be attractively presented and exhibited on a rotating basis in designated areas.

Architecture which more than connects

The redesign takes into account the integration into the existing structure and the urban environment. A slightly rotated extension gives the school a new, inviting face to the community. Selected materials such as red facing bricks and wood emphasize the Bramfeld tradition, while generous window fronts and open spaces bring light and transparency to everyday learning. The long-term vision? The Bramfelder Dorfplatz district school will be more than just a place of learning; it will become a central meeting point for the Bramfeld community. By redesigning the outdoor facilities and creating a variety of exercise areas, the project promotes interaction between pupils, teachers and local residents.

Stadtteilschule Bramfeld
Site map
Ground floor

Voices from the team

Sustainable renovation was the most important thing for me. Above all, this included incorporating the character of the existing building into the redesign of the break hall.


The spacious schoolyard and the school's extensive grounds demonstrate a quality that has become rare and that needed to be preserved. Our modernization shows that sustainability not only preserves, but also helps to give the school a new shine.